Top Army Commander Major General Abdolrahim Mousavi

The top commander of the Iranian Army has said Iran is ranked first in the world as far as its untapped natural and human resources are concerned, and Iran relies on its own natural and human resources.

Iran Press/Iran news: Major General Abdolrahim Mousavi noted that identifying potentials and making use of the untapped resources of the country can lead to a marked improvement in the economy and raising of living standards in the country.

Major General Mousavi pointed to earlier comments by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution regarding the talents and capabilities of the younger generation, and said young managers, young academics and scholars, and young people should be given the opportunity to turn this country into "a model advanced Islamic society," Iran Press reported.

He noted that the biggest strategy of the enemies of the Islamic Republic is to discourage the Iranian nation and to try to disappoint the people, particularly young people.

In further remarks, Major General Mousavi said: "Today the youth form 70 percent of the Iranian Army, and all advances in research, development and manufacture of defence equipment, is due to the efforts of the young highly-motivated and revolutionary personnel of the army."

He referred to the US and its nefarious efforts to pressure Iran and said Iranian resistance has scuppered the US policy of 'maximum pressure', adding that the US is very annoyed because of its repeated policy failures in this region.

The top commander of the Iranian Army had this warning to those who want to stoke tension and initiate wars in this region: "We warn the foreigners that if they create tension and insecurity in this region, then they will find themselves in the middle of a dangerous quagmire. It will certainly be to their own detriment."  101/211/215

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