Tehran (IP) - Iran’s High Council for Human Rights issued a statement in response to Sweden’s support for a terrorist ringleader named Habib Farajollah Cha’ab, who is sentenced to capital punishment.

Iran PressIran news: The statement stated that the Swedish government has called for canceling the punishment of Cha’ab due to his Swedish nationality while noting that the Iranian court does not recognize double nationality when dealing with the crimes of an Iranian.

“What does it mean for Sweden and some advocates [of human rights] to support a terrorist criminal whose crimes have been proven by a competent court?” the statement reads.

It also questioned why some so-called advocates of human rights are supporting a terrorist who has been involved in the assassination of hundreds of Iranian people.

The statement added that these countries, on the one hand, claim to be supporting the rights of the Iranian people while on the other hand, they turn a blind eye to the crimes of the al-Naddal Movement and voice support for its leader by means of their media that offer false narratives of the events surrounding this case.


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