Tehran(IP)- The Speaker of Iran's Parliament called for an innovative approach to the promotion of the Hijab and chastity in Iranian society.

Iran PressIran news: Delivering his pre-agenda speech in the very first edition of the Parliament open session in the new year (1402), the Parliament Speaker Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf spoke about the issue of the hijab (Islamic code of dressing) and criticized the enemy's fomenting disunity about hijab issue in society.

The speaker of the parliament also criticized the custodians of the hijab issue and called for new development and innovation in the promotion of hijab and chastity in society.

Ghalibaf also called for distinguishing between those with poor hijab and those who break norms and different treatment each of them appropriately.

He further said: "A woman with a poor hijab is essentially different from norm breakers who contaminate the atmosphere of the society."

Ghalibaf stated: "Many of them who do not fully observe hijab believe in God and a positive approach should be taken to promote hijab to them. But the behavior of a few people that is not compatible with the traditional and religious beliefs of the society contaminates the atmosphere of the society." 

Iranian parliament speaker added: "So they know that breaking the norm is crossing the moral boundaries of the society and the duty of the guardians such as the government, the police and other responsible bodies is to stop them from these actions using smart and effective methods." 


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