Sao Paulo (IP)- The first exhibition of Iranian hand-woven carpets and rugs was opened in Sao Paulo in the presence of Hossein Gharibi, Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Brazil.

Iran Press/America: The exhibition aims to introduce the original and beautiful Iranian art to artists, art students, and Brazilian officials from May 4, 2022, in Sao Paulo and lasts for two weeks.

Hossein Gharibi, Iran's ambassador to Brazil, told a group of visitors that artistic weaving belongs to Iranians and that the use of color and different designs in hand-woven carpets have special meanings according to Iran's cultural and geographical elements.

The ambassador noted that the art of Iranian hand-woven carpets does not belong only to Iran and is a global phenomenon beyond the borders of Iran, which has a special place in the world.

Iranian merchants have been exporting carpets to the largest country in South America for decades, which is why they are well-known to the Brazilian people.

Due to the need to acquaint the new generations of Brazil with the beauty of the old Iranian hand-woven carpet industry, the importance of holding an exhibition in Sao Paulo has doubled.


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