In an article, the Russian newspaper Izvestia refers to the visit of US President Joe Biden to the West Asia region, writing that the purpose of this trip is not to change Israel's policy towards Russia, but Iran will probably be on the agenda of the visit.

Iran PressEurope: The full version of the article is as follows:

Overnight into July 1, Israel changed prime ministers: Yair Lapid replaced Naftali Bennett for the next six months. The early elections were also scheduled for November 1. Lapid was the first Israeli politician to accuse Russia of 'aggression' in Ukraine and generally takes a more pro-Western stance.

In two weeks, Joe Biden will arrive in Israel. Despite the rapprochement between Israel and the US, experts interviewed by Izvestia believe that the country will not join the sanctions against Russia.

"The new prime minister, by and large, plays a technical role until the next election," expert at the Department for the Study of Israel at the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences Sergey Melkonyan told Izvestia.

"The new leadership will not revise the already formed policy," Melkonyan added.

The expert noted that Israel proceeds primarily from its national interests in forming its policy towards Russia.

"I don’t think it would bring radical change in the structure of deliveries from Israel to Ukraine or policy towards Russia, especially since Israel’s accession to Western sanctions would not solve anything, and Ukraine understands it too," he explained to Izvestia.

In July, US President Joe Biden plans to visit Israel along with Saudi Arabia. According to Melkonyan, the US-Israel agenda will be dominated not by Russia, but by the Iranian problem, which Israel considers the main threat. The expert also does not believe that the Russian-Ukrainian factor will play any serious role in the upcoming elections.


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