Tehran (IP) - Senior adviser to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iran for special political affairs and Norway's special envoy for Yemen met and discussed the latest political and humanitarian situation in Yemen and Syria.

Iran PressIran news: Norway's special envoy for Yemen affairs, Kjersti Tromsdal, who heads a delegation for political consultations in Tehran, met with Ali-Asghar Khaji in Tehran on Monday.

The two officials mulled over the latest political and humanitarian situations in Yemen and Syria and considered the humanitarian situation in these Arab countries as alarming.

They called for the international community's attention and increased international aid to solve those humanitarian problems.

Khaji pointed out that lifting the economic blockade against the Yemeni people, paying salaries to the Yemeni civilian and government staff, and re-establishing a truce could lay the necessary grounds for starting Yemeni-Yemeni political dialogues in order to solve the country's political problems.

Regarding the developments in Syria, the Iranian official called the reconstruction and reduction of human suffering one of the primary priorities in that country and underlined the necessity of continuing the fight against terrorism.


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