KABUL (IP)- The Director-General of South Asia Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in a meeting with the Chairman of the Supreme National Reconciliation Council of Afghanistan, has stated that Iran is in favor of resolving the Afghan crisis through dialogue.

Iran PressAsia: Rasool Mousavi said on Thursday in a meeting with Abdullah Abdullah: "Iran is in favor of ending the violence in Afghanistan and resolving the crisis through dialogue and negotiation."

Mousavi added: "The people and the government of Iran want an end to the long war in Afghanistan."

In this meeting, Abdullah Abdullah, appreciating the support of the Islamic Republic of Iran for the peace process in Afghanistan, called the cooperation of the region's countries in ensuring peace and stability in this country important.

The head of the Supreme National Reconciliation Council added that war was not the solution and that neither side could benefit from the continuation of the conflict.

"We have always insisted on the peaceful settlement of disputes and we are committed to it, but we will not allow anyone to impose their will on us by force," he added.


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