Turkey (IP)- The deputy of the Saadet Party in Turkey said that Iran's Islamic Revolution is one of the most important events of the 20th century for both the world and the Islamic world, and in fact, the Iranian Revolution is the flag-bearer of Islamic awakening in the world.

Iran PressAsia: In an interview with IranPress in Ankara, Hasan Bitmez stated that the Islamic Revolution belongs to the people, and it caused the awakening in Turkey, and in other Islamic countries.

"Different groups in Turkey were following the developments of Iran as a neighboring, friend, and brother country, and with the Islamic Revolution, the interest increased especially among religious people," says the deputy of the Saadet Party.

Referring to the anti-Zionist and anti-imperialist approach of Iran's Islamic Revolution, Hasan Bitmez said that the colonial regimes tried to weaken and overthrow the revolution from the beginning, but despite the pressure and sanctions, Iran still resisted and achieved significant achievements and is a role- model for others.

Hasan Bitmez said, Iran's sensitivity to the Quds and Palestine is more than that of all Islamic countries, and this is admirable.


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