Tehran (IP) - The Iranian President in a joint press conference with the Iraqi PM in Tehran said that two countries are trying to find a solution for stopping Israeli massacres in Gaza.

Iran PressIran news: Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi and Iraqi Prime Minister Muhammed Shia Al-Sudani take part in a joint press conference after consulting on issues including mutual relations, the war in Gaza, and regional matters.

Iran's President said the Islamic Republic and Iraq would support any action that prevents the Israeli regime and the US from massacring the people in Gaza.

Raisi stressed that the massacre of the Palestinian nation would not be a victory for the Israeli regime and could not cover up the regime's blatant defeat against the resistance front. 

On the issue of the Israeli massacre of people in Gaza, President Raisi said that Iran and Iraq want the Israeli brutal killing of people in Gaza to end as soon as possible.

The Iranian President stressed that a ceasefire should be implemented.

Raisi said that US intelligence and weapons encouraged the Zionist regime to kill the people of Gaza.

" Americans' claim about helping for a ceasefire in Gaza is completely false and they have no compatibility with their actions, President Raisi said adding that the US paved the way for the Zionist regime to kill the Palestinians."

Saying that the Israeli regime commits genocide in Gaza with the support of the Americans and some European countries, he added, "We believe that all supporters of the Zionist regime are complicit in this crime."

The Zionist regime collapsed after the disgraceful defeat by the Palestinian resistance forces, and the US wants to cover up this scandal with a crime, Raeisi noted.

Disarming terrorist outfits in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region

President Raisi appreciated the Iraqi government's efforts to solve security concerns over the Iran-Iraq borders.

Raisi referring to the daily improvement of Iran-Iraq relations thanked the Iraqi PM for disarming MKO terrorists and anti-revolutionary terrorist groups. 

Al-Sudani in his turn said that Iran and Iraq trying to pile up pressures on regional influential countries to put a ceasefire in place in Gaza.

The Iraqi Prime Minister said for his part that his visit to Tehran is to deepen the Iraqi-Iranian ties about what is going on in the region, particularly in Palestine. 

Sia al-Soudani referred to the crisis in Gaza and said that it was not born on October 7, but it was the result of decades of the Israeli regime's crimes against the Palestinian nation.

He stressed that whoever seeks to control the tensions must exert pressure on the Israeli regime to stop the organized massacre in Gaza. 

"We will do our best to reopen the human crossings to ease the pain of the people of Gaza. We announced our readiness and sent humanitarian aid to Gaza," al-Soudani said and reported the Iraqi government's proposal to establish a fund for the reconstruction of Gaza.

The Iraqi PM also said that the ties between Iran and the US have so much developed in recent years including in the economic cooperation.

He told reporters about the implementation of the security agreement between the two countries and emphasized that Iraq would not let any threat against Iran from inside Iraqi soil. 


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