Iran's Border Guard Command expressed interest in cooperation with the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) to fight terrorism and ensure border security.

Iran PressAsia: Participating in the 10th meeting of the SCO member states' commanders of border guard police held on Wednesday in China, Brigadier General Ahmad-Ali Goudarzi said that border diplomacy with border guards of neighboring countries and exchange of experiences with the aim of promoting cooperation are always on the agenda of Iran's Border Guard Command.

The Islamic Republic of Iran enjoys 8,755 kilometers of land and water borders through 16 border provinces that are adjacent to 15 countries.

General Goudarzi said that the border guards of Iran make great efforts play a constructive role in promoting relations with neighbors in all dimensions, including creating stable security and economic development in the region.

As a country with a prominent geopolitical position in the region and having a common border with the SCO member countries, the Islamic Republic of Iran can play a role as an important communication and security bridge in the region, he said.

Fighting drug trafficking, organized crimes, extremism, and terrorism, controlling the flow of illegal immigration, and cooperating in the field of border security are among the areas of interest of the Islamic Republic of Iran for cooperation with SCO member countries.

Iran joined the SCO as an observer member in 2005 and applied for full membership in the organization a year later. The request was pondered over and finally, at its 21st summit in 2021, the full membership of Iran was approved.


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