Almaty (IP) - A meeting of the heads of ministries and agencies of the member states of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) responsible for the development of information and communication technologies was held in Almaty under the chairmanship of the Kazakh side. The event took place within the framework of the Digital Almaty 2024 forum.

Iran PressAsia: During the opening ceremony, Bagdat Musin, Minister of Digital Development, Innovations, and Aerospace Industry of Kazakhstan, delivered welcoming remarks. He emphasized the importance of enhancing technological connectivity with the global world through the construction of fiber-optic communication lines. Musin proposed constructing fiber-optic communication lines connecting countries along the route Russia-Kazakhstan-Iran with access to the Indian Ocean to diversify transit communication channels and expand participation in the international data transit market.

Iran's Minister of Information and Communications Technology Issa Zarepour stated in an interview with Iran Press that Iran's achievements in communication infrastructure and digital services, as well as proposals for cooperation, were discussed at the meeting. Zarepour mentioned that Iran's proposals for common communication infrastructures, construction of common platforms, and joint space cooperation were welcomed by ministers from member countries.

Zarepour highlighted the importance of space cooperation among member countries with existing space industry infrastructures. Working groups were tasked with reviewing suggestions made at the Almaty meeting to create new opportunities for providing communication and information technology services to people in SCO countries.

The meeting took place on February 2, 2024, in Almaty, Kazakhstan. An International Digital Exhibition was held on the sidelines where Iran's Minister of Communications and Information Technology visited. 204