Tehran(IP): National Virtual Space Center (NVSC) has protested Meta company for non-compliance of Instagram with the laws and regulations of Iran, non-compliance of the company to its term of services, and also the lack of accountability and responsibility of the company regarding the previous official correspondence by the accountable Iranian institutions.

Iran PressIran News: National Virtual Space Center (NVSC) has sent an official letter to "Mark Zuckerberg," the chief director of "Meta" company, in line with the non-compliance with the laws of Iran and the internal laws of the platform through the office of Iran's interests section in the Islamic Republic of Iran in Washington to protest to the performance of this companies' application.

Therefore, in this report, the main objections raised by the NVSC includes the Meta negligence to the organized publication of false news, the promotion of discriminatory and hateful behavior, the incitement of violence and social unrest, the violation of national sovereignty, and the violation of users' rights through the application of double standards.

NVSC also protested Meta's indifference to the illegal activities of some users, including propaganda, the presence of terrorist outfits and separatists on the Meta platforms, activities regarding racial and ethnic discrimination, and usage of the platform for organized crimes, including the transfer and trade of war weapons and narcotics, 

In the protest letter, National Virtual Space Center (NVSC)gave Meta Company the deadline to take the necessary measures, including the introduction of a responsible official representative based in Iran, up to 10 days after receiving the letter from that company by regulations and policies of the country regarding the operation of foreign companies in the field of virtual space of the government should be implemented.

Since the end of September, various regions of Iran have witnessed riots. In the very first days, the role of some traditional and modern media in spreading these riots was prominent.

A review of the impact of virtual space on the recent riots shows that different social networks (Instagram) have played an essential role in shaping the protests and pushing them into violent riots.


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