In a significant move to bolster its technological prowess, Iran officially launched its National AI Organization during a ceremony on Tuesday, signaling a new era in the country's digital and AI advancements. The event was marked by the presence of Iran's caretaker President, Mohammad Mokhber, underscoring the high-level support for the initiative.

Iran PressIran news: The foundation for this strategic endeavor was laid in late December 2023 when the late President Ebrahim Raisi, who also chaired the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution, initiated the creation of a comprehensive national AI strategy. This document was meticulously prepared in collaboration with various ministries and relevant organizations, aligning with the country’s broader goals of technological integration.

Caretaker President Mokhber last week mandated the operational commencement of the National AI Organization, which is positioned under the auspices of the presidency. This organization is expected to lead Iran's efforts in harnessing the potential of artificial intelligence to fuel innovation and economic growth across multiple sectors.