May 09, 2020 14:48 Asia/Tehran [Updated: May 10, 2020 12:16 Asia/Tehran]

Rasht (IP) - Google Maps is the inspiration for the paintings of young Iranian artist, Hossein Aghaeipour, a young painter from Gilan Province, paints inspired by the lines of Google Maps.

Iran PressIran news: He has been painting for five years through getting inspiration from Google Maps, and for each city, he doe beautiful paintings based on the road lines and the urban and cultural signs of that city.

This Young painter form Iran's Gilan has held 14 national and international exhibitions in Paris, New York, Istanbul, Rome and Tehran.

 Due to the outbreak of Coronavirus, Hossein Aghaeipour has now organized an exhibition of his works online at

He also designed and made jewelry through getting ideas from his paintings