Mar 28, 2020 08:22 Asia/Tehran [Updated: May 30, 2020 14:23 Asia/Tehran]
  • Head of Iran Customs: Trade increases by $85 billion
    Head of Iran Customs: Trade increases by $85 billion

Tehran (IP)- Head of Iran’s Customs has reported an $85-billion increase in the country’s foreign trade in the past Persian year, 1398 (starting om March, 2019).

Iran PressIran News: Mehdi Mirashrafi said that the increase was a historic record in Iran's non-oil exports in terms of weight index, which experienced a growth of 5.13 percent compared to the same period in 2018.

He said that petrochemicals commodities have the highest share in Iran's export value, indicating that the country is moving away from selling crude and moving toward exporting processed petroleum products.

Mirashrafi stated that the largest share of the exports in 2019 went to China and Iraq, Turkey, UAE, and Afghanistan respectively with $9, 5, 5.4, 3.2 billion were the 5 first export targets of Iranian exports. 207

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