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  • Iran demonstrates empathy and solidarity against Coronavirus
    Iran demonstrates empathy and solidarity against Coronavirus

More than three months have passed since the deadly coronavirus hit people across the globe,  the Iranian people were not spared by this disaster, however, Iranians through empathy and solidarity fight against coronavirus to contain it.

Iran Presscommentary: More than three months have passed since the deadly coronavirus outbreak. During this time, tens of thousands of people from China to West Asia, Europe and the US were affected by the disaster. 

Thousands have died in various countries, while the international community of doctors that are at the forefront of the fight against this dangerous virus is still working diligently to find a cure for it.

The Iranian people were not spared by this disaster too. Nearly a month ago on February 19, the first deaths by coronavirus were recorded in Qom, then around the country reported suspicious cases circulated.

Over the past month, more than 13,000 people have been infected with the coronavirus in Iran, though about 5,000 have already survived the course of the disease; but nearly 700 Iranians in various cities have so far died of Covid-19

The statistics continue to rise, with a number of patients dying every day; as the great community of Iran has been engulfed in public mourning on the eve of the New Solar year and ancient Nowruz.

The Iranian nation, however, as it has recorded its ups and downs in history, has made suffering and tribulation an area of national dignity and pride.

 In recent days, as the Covid-19 has made difficulty for all Iranians, Iranian society in different strata, with the slogan of "We defeat Corona", witnesses an unparalleled empathy that has made it easier to endure the effects of this disaster.

Medical staff like war veteran are defenders of Iran

Nursing staff across the country, including physicians, specialists and paramedics, stand at the forefront of dealing with the disease with courage and determination. 

Amid sanctions imposed on the country, there are many restrictions on the provision of medical and protective equipment and medical safety staff.

The Iranian people, with their support and empathy, are working to maintain the morale and hope of the medical staff in this breathtaking struggle.

All care for Iran

Social networks these days are filled with clips, songs, images and designs that artfully appreciate the country's medical community and support them in this fierce battle for life and death.

Released images of medical personnel wearing protective clothing and masks are compared to images of Iranian war veterans during the Iraqi imposed war on Iran, both praised and honored as national heroes.

There is a wave of empathy and sacrifice among people as well. With so many small businesses are closed and businesses struggling with economic problems, every day, in different cities, there is news of owners remiss their rent fees to take their burdens off their countrymen. 

Basij along with students and other volunteers stand by people to contain coronavirus

Every day, every night, young people from the Basij forces, students and other groups of people volunteer in groups to disinfect public roads, passages, streets and city passages To take steps to curb this dangerous disease.

Nowruz which according to ancient Iranian history is a time for happiness, solidarity and empathy of people; however, this year, the Iranian people have mourned the loss of a number of citizens and the grief of a deadly virus, that features of Nowruz are demonstrated through a manifestation of their solidarity and empathy. 

A nation that breaks through the pain and bravely stands against hardship.

Author: Marzieh Zaeri


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