Mar 11, 2020 19:12 Asia/Tehran [Updated: May 18, 2020 21:52 Asia/Tehran]

Tehran (IP) - Nanomeqyas Fanavaran Company manufactured filter testing machine, which with this device parameter such as filter efficiency for different particle dimensions, pressure drop and aeration rate can be measured.

Iran Press/Iran news: Due to the wide range of applications of filtration systems in industry and laboratory centers, the application of new technologies to improve the quality of various filtration products is very important. In this regard, Nanomeqyas Fanavaran Company manufactured a filter testing machine.

Nader Naderi, CEO of Nanomeqyas Fanavaran Company said about the necessity of making this machine that due to the fact that the manufactured masks and filters need different tests such as efficiency test and pressure drop, the filter testing machine will meet the need. We rarely had this machine, and we had to send the produced filters to countries like Germany for quality testing, which certainly cost us.

He said that so we thought about buying this device from manufacturer countries, but because of the high price we gave up, finally, the urgent need of this device made us think about it in the country and given the practical experience in South Korea and China with German and American devices we were able to manufacture this device and now it is in use in the laboratory.


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