Feb 02, 2020 17:41 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Aug 06, 2020 14:46 Asia/Tehran]
  • Photo: International Exhibition of Building and Construction Industries holds up in Tehran

Tehran (IP) - Tehran International Exhibition of Building and Construction Industries being held in the field of Housing, Commercial, Industrial, Sport, Cultural constructions, new techniques, and technologies for selling real estate projects which were attended by officials.

Iran PressIran news: The aims behind this exhibition are to explain the status of housing (from the perspective of the equipment, methods, manufacturing technology and the final design) and construction projects related to the recession or economic development of the country which introduces a wide range of fundraising and investment opportunities on construction and housing projects in Iran.

The exhibition is seeking to attract and direct domestic and foreign capital to engage in the construction industry for creating and developing prosperity and introduce industrialization methods and its potentials to improve quality, add up speed, and reduce final costs and create the appropriated ground for the presence of knowledge-based companies in order to make the most of the latest science.

According to the outputs of the Iranian Statistical Center at the beginning of the 1979 Revolution, more than 57 percent of the country's buildings were assessed as unstable. This number has dropped to 5% in our latest statistics in 2016, which is a result of engineering services."

More than 50 companies have attended this exhibition, some of the attendees outlined their views in an interview with Iran Press News Agency.

The exhibition is open to public display from 5-9 January 2020 for all walks of life.


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