Dec 14, 2019 11:12 Asia/Tehran [Updated: May 18, 2020 21:52 Asia/Tehran]

The Commander of Khatam al-Anbyia Construction Headquarters says selling cheap raw materials to industrial countries and buying expensive goods from them, is a modern form of slavery.

Iran Press/Iran News"Today we export our raw materials and buy goods made from these raw materials at a much more expensive price from Western countries, which is modern slavery," said Saeed Mohammad.

Mohammad added: "Most of the problems we face today are because a resistive economy hasn't been implemented in this country. Everyone is trying to get economic resistance one day, we have to move away from the passive economy and not wait for the enemy to identify our weaknesses and put us under pressure."

"A resistive economy means that we plan ahead to identify and correct the weaknesses so that the enemy cannot put the country under pressure," he said according to  Iran Press.

He added: "If we didn't have the know-how for building dams and tunnels today, the enemy would have been sanctioning these sectors where we have become self-sufficient. The enemy is not able to sanction these sectors anymore. Gasoline was the same. Foreign countries came to Iran to produce gasoline but they left the country under the pressure of Iran's enemies, but our company was replaced by foreign companies and the Persian Gulf Star refinery was built to produce gas."

"We indigenized 70% of equipment in six phases of South Pars and today we are able to produce all the equipment of 'the Persian Gulf Star' refinery and six phases of South Pars here in Iran," the commander added.

The commander of Khatam al-Anbiya Construction Headquarters went on to say: "We have many weaknesses in the resistive economy. The Leader opposes the selling of raw materials. If we produced oil-related products instead of selling crude oil it is easy to sell, but selling crude oil has become difficult because of sanctions."

"After oil, the mining sector should be the second source of income. With one percent of the world's population, Iran has seven percent of the world's minerals, but we haven't made good use of this. We've explored 100 meters deep (900 meters in the earth) and have 57 billion tons of minerals, but why are we still selling unrefined materials?" he added.

"Iran is one of the most powerful countries in the steel industry sector, but we don't have the technology of steel production and we had problems with the sanctions of the sector. This is where the resistive economy makes sense. We have to get out of the passive economy and get into a resistive economy," the commander underscored.

Khatam al-Anbiya Construction Headquarters has offered to construct ten petroleum refineries in different parts of the country, Saeed Mohammad stressed. 101/205/211

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