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  • Yardangs in Delvar, Bushehr.  Photo by: Zohreh Arab
    Yardangs in Delvar, Bushehr. Photo by: Zohreh Arab

Bushehr (IP) - The 'Delvar's Yardangs' in Bushehr province, south of Iran, is one of the most popular tourist attractions of the southern region.

Iran Press/Iran news: Delvar is a city in and the capital of Delvar District, in Tangestan County, Bushehr Province, Iran.

Delvar is located near the coast, and a stadium is located to the southeast of the city. It is famous for its Yardangs –in local language 'Kaloot'- is a natural geographical phenomenon created out of the action of water, wind, and dust.

Large yardangs are made of the friction of water and wind, and the small ones are made of wind friction.

In addition to the tourist attractions, the Kaloots also had a defensive use during the war, in such a way that the Bushehri leader of fighting against Britain's colonialism Rais Ali Delvari took advantage of this natural capacity.


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