Oct 14, 2019 19:43 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Jul 07, 2020 22:44 Asia/Tehran]

Iran's President said that any time sanctions are lifted and the conditions for a genuine P5+1 negotiation are ripe, the country is are ready to attend that meeting.

Iran PressIran news: "As we have made it clear, any time sanctions are lifted and the conditions for a genuine P5+1 negotiation are ripe, we are ready to attend that meeting, no matter who the US president is," Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said in a press conference on Monday.

Stating that we were ready to hold a P5+1 summit in New York provided that we could make sure it was a P5+1 meeting, not an electoral campaign for Donald Trump, he said: "If we could make sure, we would have this meeting,” the official website of Iran's President reported.

“I told the heads of the European countries that I had to make sure that the interests of the Iranian people are met at the meeting, and the burden is lifted off people’s shoulders, but that I had to be sacrificed and I accepted it,” said Rouhani.

The President emphasized: “Whenever I believe that any meeting will solve the Iranian nation’s problems and serve the interests of the Iranian nation I will do so, and I am ready to sacrifice myself and resist, and I am proud to be sacrificed for national interests and my people.”

In response to a question regarding Trump’s impeachment and readiness to negotiate with a new potential US president, Rouhani said: "Basically, the problem here is not meeting with the US President or negotiation.”

"The problem is whether our nation’s issues, problems, interests, and wishes are met in a negotiation or is it just a show,” he added.

The President continued: "We do not care who the US president is.”

Rouhani said: "Of course, Trump's characteristics are such that he says a different thing every day.”

"Anyone who wants to talk with the United States cannot predict properly what will happen tomorrow. Almost all the leaders we meet and talk with have this problem, not just Iran," he concluded.


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