Oct 14, 2019 18:25 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Apr 10, 2020 14:23 Asia/Tehran]

Iran's President said that Turkish operation in Syria is not beneficial to anyone and Iran hopes to see the end of this operation soon.

Iran PressIran news: Iranian President Hassan Rouhani attended a press conference Monday evening, with domestic and international media, discussing the most important issues and the Islamic Republic of Iran’s stances regarding regional and international issues.

Rouhani referred to the enemies’ plots against Iran and stated: “We have handled a somewhat critical situation with our patience, wisdom, and steadfastness and our enemies admit it,” the official website of Iran's President reported.

“Today, we can strongly announce that the plots of the United States, the Global Imperialism, Zionism and regional reactionaries to harm the Islamic Republic have ended and they all admitted that we have handled the situation,” he said.

“Point-to-point inflation has reached 34 percent, down from 52, and we expect the downward trend to continue until the end of the year,” he continued. 

"The Islamic Republic of Iran is in a very stronger position vis-à-vis political and international issues", said the President, adding: “At the United Nations, it was very clear to us that all major countries around the world believed that Iran has become stronger compared to last year.”

"Our people were in very tough economic conditions in the past 18 months," he continued, saying: “The government worked tremendously hard in these 18 months to increase indices under heavy economic sanctions”.

Stating that the United States withdrew from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) under the pressures from domestic hardliners, the Zionist Regime and Saudi Arabia, he said: “The Usurper [Zionist] regime and Saudi Arabia both admitted that they had done their best to urge the US to exit the deal.”

“The Islamic Republic of Iran acted wisely by not withdrawing from the deal, because they wanted to use it as a pretext to take Iran’s case to the UN Security Council with the aim of imposing international sanctions on Iran, so that the US would not be forced to carry the load itself,” said the President.

“Today, except for a couple of small countries, no government and country approves of the US move, and everyone is condemning it in a way, calling it unacceptable,” Rouhani added.

Three European signatories to JCPOA did not live up to their commitments, Iran continues the reduction of commitments

The five remaining countries, that is the P4+1, were supposed to compensate for the US’ withdrawal, said Rouhani, adding: “Relations of the Islamic Republic of Iran with Russia and China are good and they have made a lot of efforts, but unfortunately, the three European countries did not live up to their commitments and did not do what they were required to.”

Rouhani emphasized that the Islamic Republic of Iran’s actions have been based on the interests of the great Iranian nation, saying: “We began reducing our commitments every two months and the first step in reducing commitments was in the area of enrichment, which we exceeded the 300-kg limit”.

“Vis-à-vis heavy water, we announced a plan, but we did not reach an agreement with Europe, and we finally started the second phase of reducing our commitments, which was exceeding the enrichment level over 3.6 and now enrichment is about 4.5," he added.

The President stated that in the third step we announced that we would not observe the research and development schedules set under the JCPOA, adding: "Today, IR-6 centrifuges are in operation and UF-6 injection is being done and IR-4s and IR-2s are working and soon IR-9 will start working.”

Iran can return to full compliance if EU continues the same path

Pointing out that IR-7 centrifuges work simultaneously with IR-9 and of course IR-8, and the third step was a major development that Iran has begun, Rouhani emphasised: “If they return to their commitments using this opportunity, we can return to full compliance and if they continue the same path, we will take the next steps in this regard.”

Pakistani Prime Minister's visit to Tehran

Vis-à-vis the latest visit by the Pakistani Prime Minister to Tehran, the President said: “One of the goals of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s visit to Tehran was for us to discuss regional topics, and he wanted to hear our opinions before he leaves for Saudi Arabia on Tuesday.”

“Fortunately, Imran Khan visited the Supreme Leader and he made some points regarding our positions,” said the President.

He continued: “What is important for us, and Imran Khan himself seemed to have sought to resolve regional issues, including Iran-Saudi Arabia relations and the Yemeni issue, which are important."

Ending the war in Yemen

Rouhani emphasized that if a ceasefire in Yemen leads to an end to the war, one of the dilemmas in the region, including Iran-Saudi relations, will be resolved, saying: "We never wanted to have bad relations with our neighbors."

The president said that we have always been looking for good relations with our neighbors, adding: “We have presented a very important project in the United Nations called the "Hormuz Peace Endeavour (HOPE) Coalition”.

Announcing that the HOPE initiative has been sent to eight countries today, he said: "We are talking with the UN in this regard and we hope that this initiative can address some regional problems within the framework that Iran is proposing.”

"Some believe that others should come here and solve our problems," the president emphasized, adding: “We hope that others listen to us and we reach a conclusion.”

Iran welcomes dialogue with Saudi Arabia

Rouhani said: "We have no problem with the resolution of regional problems with regional countries, including Saudi Arabia, through dialogue.”

The President noted: "What happened in the Red Sea when our tanker was targeted has caused problems that hopefully our investigations will soon reach a conclusion. What is certain is that a regime has done this with the help of some countries, how and when is not clear yet and we are finalizing the investigations”.

Commenting on Iran-UAE relations, Rouhani said: "There have been communications between Iran and the UAE in recent months. Some UAE officials came to Iran and some Iranian officials went there. Relations between Tehran and the UAE have been better in recent months, and the trend is towards better relations.”

He stated that the toughest sanctions have been imposed on Iran and that the government's work and efforts should be adapted to the current situation, saying: “In these circumstances, in my opinion, the government and the nation did a great job together, which we did not anticipate.”


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