Tehran (IP)- The international conference on the legal aspects of the crimes committed by the Zionist regime and its supporters in Gaza was held with the participation of students and foreign guests at Al-Zahra University.

Iran Press/Iran News: In this meeting, which was accompanied by specialized sessions with university professors, various dimensions of the crimes committed by the Zionist regime in Gaza were examined.

The ongoing siege in Gaza represents a form of collective punishment, resulting in the deaths of over 35,000 people and the disappearance of tens of thousands more, with over 70 percent being women and children.

According to UN statistics, 103 schools and universities, 247 mosques, 3 churches, and 86,000 residential units in Gaza have been destroyed. The basic needs of the residents have been neglected.

The forced displacement of the people of Gaza is another example of the violation of humanitarian rights, constituting ethnic and racial cleansing. These crimes have gone unpunished.

The upcoming three-day meeting will cover the following topics:

1. International crimes committed by the Zionist regime in Gaza

2. The right to defense for the Palestinian people against the occupation

3. The commitments of the international community in supporting the people of Gaza

4. The capabilities of national and international authorities in prosecuting the perpetrators of crimes in Gaza and the associated challenges

5. Assessment of humanitarian rights violations in the context of international law