Tehran (IP) - Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that the country is capable of supplying the needs of the countries in the region and the world at cheaper prices.

Iran Press/Iran news: In his speech at the inauguration ceremony of national Petro-projects on Thursday, Hassan Rouhani stressed that Iran belongs both to its nation and the countries in the region and the world in terms of supplying their needs with more reasonable prices and yet better quality.

Rouhani highlighted Iran's economy as to be incomparable in the region, which, thanks to its self-reliance, domestic production, and geopolitical situation, resists the west's economic war. 

Rouhani pointed to the Iranian year slogan 'Surge in Production', enumerating academic expertise, raw material, technology, and foreign and domestic markets as the elements contributing to the realization of the slogan. 

He stressed: "Iran has proved that it has endured the west, US-led economic war," noting that those who did not want the Iranian nation to celebrate the anniversary of the victory of Iran's Islamic Revolution on February 11, 2019, tending to enter Iran were all overthrown, and all their bullying ended; they will be thrown in the dustbin of history in a few weeks. It was the Iranian nation that stood firm and won, and it was the enemies of Iran who were defeated.

The Iranian president also referred to constructive interaction with the world, stressing that the interaction comes true when the national power of Iran reaches a point that other countries of the world call for trade with it.


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Iran can supply region, world needs with better price: Pres. Rouhani
Iran can supply region, world needs with better price: Pres. Rouhani