Tehran (IP) - The Deputy Interior Minister of Iran for Security and Law Enforcement Affairs says that Iran is the biggest country hosting refugees, despite being left in the lurch by international bodies.

Iran PressIran News: The International Organization Migration's (IOM) Deputy Director-General Denise Ugochi Daniel met with Deputy Interior Minister of Iran for Security and Law Enforcement Affairs Majid Mirahmadi in Tehran on July 4 to discuss the latest developments on migrants' issues in particular the Afghan nationals.

Mirahmadi noted that Iran has not expelled the refugees and sheltered them despite recent developments unfolding in the world.

Despite the fact that the issue of Afghan refugees is a very complicated one, international entities and governments do not abide by their own commitments and they just continue to reiterate humanitarian manners, he said.

The official added: The war in Ukraine has pushed aside the current crisis in Afghanistan and Afghan refugees are facing discriminatory behaviors, especially in European countries, if Iradoes not receive enough help from IOM, Iran will take decisive measures to return Afghan refugees to European countries.

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The Iranian official criticized the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees for failing to provide Iran with enough moneto shelter the Afghan refugees: "The Islamic Republic of Iran is host to one of the most significant urban refugee situations in the world and has provided asylum to refugees for over four decades.The Islamic Republics of Iran has hosted nearly five million Afghanistan

Nearly five million Afghans have been hosted by the Islamic Republics of Iran, and the numbers are also increasing due to the recent developments in Afghanistan, he noted.

He said that in Iran's government's progressive and inclusive policies, refugees had been given access to education, health, and livelihood opportunities – helping them thrive. 

Also, he pointed out: The protection of refugees has many aspects; these include safety, access to fair and efficient asylum procedures, and measures to ensure that theifundamentalic human rights are respected.

Despite the cruel sanctions and in light of the corona pandemic, all refugees, even those undocumented, benefited from access to free primary health services and free COVID-19-related testing, treatment, and hospitalization, just like Iranian nationals.

The same happened for the vaccination when the country generously considered refugees for vaccination against coronavirus.Mirahmadi expressed hope that the International Organization Migration (would provides Iran with more financial support. 


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