Baku (IP) - Iranian Ambassador to Baku and the Azerbaijani Deputy Minister of Economy discussed expanding economic and trade relations between the two countries.

Iran Press/ Asia: In the meeting, the friendship and brotherhood relations and historical and religious ties were focused on; also, the important role of political will and friendship of the Presidents of Azerbaijan Republic and Iran in developing bilateral relations were emphasized.

Iran's assistance to the establishment of the territorial integrity of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the satisfaction of the people of the two countries from the liberation of the occupied part of the common border of the Republic of Azerbaijan and Iran were also highlighted.

Referring to the increase in the number of Iranian companies active in the Republic of Azerbaijan, as well as mutual investment and implementation of joint economic projects, Elnur Aliyev stated: "There are good opportunities for Iranian companies to participate in the process of reconstruction of the liberated lands and cooperation in transport, energy, and public infrastructure in these lands."

Abbas Mousavi also announced Iran's readiness to assist the Republic of Azerbaijan in rebuilding the liberated territories.

The meeting also discussed the expansion of bilateral economic and trade relations and some other issues of mutual interest.


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