Intel unveiled its new AI chip which has the ability to compete with Nvidia and AMD.

Iran PressSci & Tech: Intel unveiled new computer chips on Thursday, including Gaudi3, an artificial intelligence chip for generative AI software. Gaudi3 will launch next year and will compete with rival chips from Nvidia and AMD that power big and power-hungry AI models.

The most prominent AI models, like OpenAI’s ChatGPT, run on Nvidia GPUs in the cloud. It’s one reason Nvidia stock has been up nearly 230% year to date while Intel shares have risen 68%. And it’s why companies like AMD and, now Intel, have announced chips that they hope will attract AI companies away from Nvidia’s dominant position in the market. CNBC reported.

Shares of Intel were up 1% on Thursday.

While the company was light on details, Gaudi3 will compete with Nvidia’s H100, the main choice among companies that build huge farms of the chips to power AI applications, and AMD’s forthcoming MI300X, when it starts shipping to customers in 2024.

Intel has been building Gaudi chips since 2019, when it bought a chip developer called Habana Labs.

“We’ve been seeing the excitement with generative AI, the star of the show for 2023,” Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger said at a launch event in New York where he announced Gaudi3 along other chips focused on AI applications.

“We think the AI PC will be the star of the show for the upcoming year,” Gelsinger added. And that’s where Intel’s new Core Ultra processors, also announced on Thursday, will come into play.


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