Tehran(IP)- The International training course on the medical aspect of assistance and protection against chemical weapons was held on October 15, 2023.

Iran PressIran news:  Attending the event, Hassan Abolghasemi, Baghiatallah Hospital President said: In this international course,  we have gathered from different parts of the world to share our experiences and knowledge in the field of medical responses to chemical incidents one of the most notorious cases of chemical warfare was the war imposed by Iraq on Iran from 1980 to 1988 the Iraqi regime led by Saddam Hussein used chemical weapons extensively against Iranian forces and civilians as well as Kurdish people in Iraq.

He stated: Iran's experience in dealing with chemical weapons has been recognized by some international organizations and experts as a valuable source of knowledge and lessons learned. for example, the Organization for the Prohibition of chemical weapons which is responsible for implementing the 1993 Chemical Weapons Convention has published a practical guide for medical management of chemical warfare casualties based on Iran's experience.

 Also, the OPCW has also been operating with Iran in organizing workshops and training courses for medical professionals from other countries on how to deal with chemical emergencies, he pointed out.

The extensive use of a wide range of chemical warfare during the Iraq-imposed war against Iran particularly against Iranian civilians has brought global attention to the devastating impact of chemical attacks in that more than one hundred thousand Iranians were martyred or injured by these genius weapons, the director general of the international peace and security of Iran's ministry of foreign affairs stressed as the other keynote speaker.

Eshragh Jahromi recalled: The massive use of chemical weapons against Iran also emphasizes the importance of the assistance and protection aspect of the Chemical Weapons Convention CWC in safeguarding humanity against chemical agents we believe it is crucial to enhance the capacity of the OPCW and its member states in the field of protective capability.

The director general of the international peace and security of Iran's ministry of Foreign Affairs further noted:  Given the completion of the destruction process of declared chemical weapons it is essential for the OPCW to prioritize the assistance and protection aspects of the Convention.


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