The representative of the Supreme Islamic Assembly of Iraq called Imam Khomeini a great man who laid the foundation of true Islam, justice and confronting the oppressors and insurgents.

Iran PressIran news: Majed Al-Ghamas, Member of the Iraqi Supreme Islamic Assembly in Tehran in an exclusive interview with Iran Press, said that one of the important issues that can be clearly seen in the thoughts and theories of Imam Khomeini is the issue of Palestine, Quds and the oppression against the Palestinians.

He made the comments on the sidelines of a ceremony of the social activists, NGOs, and the media's renewal of allegiance with the causes of the late Founder of the Islamic Revolution Imam Khomeini at the Mausoleum of Imam Khomeini in Tehran. 

Al-Ghamas added: Imam Khomeini, as the authority of the Islamic world, put great importance on the issue of Palestine. He has issued fatwas and speeches from more than fifty years ago in support of Palestine.

He said: "People followed Imam Khomeini's thoughts and sincerity with all their hearts and souls, and all the Muslims of the world considered him as their own model regarding the issue of supporting Palestine."

The representative of the Supreme Islamic Assembly of Iraq in Tehran stated: The thoughts of Imam Khomeini have been recounted among different generations for decades.

Al-Ghamas added: Imam Khamenei, a student of Imam Khomeini's successor in these thirty-three years, was the best trustee of Imam Khomeini's thoughts, especially on the issue of Palestine, and created a spark of hope in the hearts of all Muslims to keep the Palestinian issue alive. 219k