Accra (IP): In an Exclusive interview Abdul Hussein Ishaq, a famous Ghanaian Sunni scholar stated that Imam Khomeini established a foundation not for Shias but for the whole Muslim world, he awakened everybody to understand that you cannot talk about Islam and politics separately, he wanted to use knowledge that is individual understanding of issues and what Islam says about issues. 

Iran Press/Africa: In an interview with Iran press, Imam Abdul Hussein Ishaq, a famous Ghanaian Sunni scholar and a lecturer at the Islamic University of Ghana, said the Islamic Revolution spearheaded by Imam Khomeini "really changed the world". He said, “To him (Imam Khomeini) Islam encompasses every aspect of human life, political, economical, social and every aspect of human life, and therefore to him politics is about Islam and Islam is about politics and so his teachings and preachings were centered on how Muslims can rise and he developed his philosophy based on Quran verse where Allah SWT says I endure you to raise for Allah and that particular raise for Allah, he interpreted it in two ways; spiritual arising and political uprising and this uprising engineered how Muslims all over the world started to picture ourselves within the context of international politics and national politics”.

He said, “Most of the Muslim world was aligned to the Western type of style and it affected how Muslims were ruling over Muslims, therefore his preaching engineered and reawakened Muslims to understand that you can not separate Islam from politics. And Muslims all over the world started to rise against tyranny, corruption and nepotism and that is how he established it”.

The scholar who is also a lecturer at the Islamic University of Ghana said Imam Khomeini changed the world for the betterment of humanity.

“Imam Khomeini changes the world in terms of how we view politics, how we view national and international politics and he also changes how students understand Islam not on the basis of sectarianism but based on how we move forward and that is why you find in most countries they are propagating what Imam Khomeini had brought”.

Speaking about the role of the thoughts of Ayatollah Khamenei in the awakening of the free people of the world and following the footprints of Imam Khomeini, Imam Abdul Hussein described Imam Khamenei as a supreme and great leader and also a unifier who has reflected on the achievements of Imam Khomeini.

“Currently what Imam Ali Khameini has done is he combined the president, the imams, the foreign policy and security information. If it had been somebody all that Iran is doing would have been outside but he controlled how information goes out, and he also controlled the foreign policy of Iran, whatever Iran does outside is based on what Imam Ali Khameini wants to do and that is why Iran is growing and developing very fast. One thing he built around his policy is a Muslim is a Muslim, it doesn’t matter if you are Sunni or Shia and he propagates that all Muslims should come together and propagate Islam and fight for Islam and not just for their own country now the Arabs are beginning to understand what he’s saying.”

“For instance, the proposal of Imam Khomeini about hajj, which Imam Ali Khameini has also continued, and now Muslim leaders are beginning to understand that they need unity to move forward, he also believes that people should have freedom and live in freedom and exercise their rights, everyone in his state whether it is Muslim or non-Muslim state and therefore Palestinians should have their right to exist as a state and if we follow history before the revolution Iran was one of the biggest ally of Israel now Iran is the biggest enemy of Israel, why, because Iran believe that every state should exist independently and every human being should have freedom to exist without anybody subjugating them and therefore Iran is awakening everybody’s understanding to the reality of what is happening in Israel concerning Palestinians and its drawing attention of everybody.

Any Arab or Muslim country that stray, Iran is telling them that what they are doing is wrong and requests they come back to their senses and understand how we should help Palestinians to exist as a state. So Imam Ali Khameini is greatly impacting on the idea that Palestinians should have support from all Muslims and it is helping a lot.”

Thirty-five years after his passing, Imam Khomeini’s life legacy and messages still reverberate and remain relevant in all aspects of life.


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