Iran's President:
Iran President Ebrahim Raisi

Ilam (IP) - Iran's President during a speech in Ilam (Western Iran) referred to the province's 430 km common border with Iraq and said that the border is not a threat but a very good economic opportunity for the people of the two neighboring countries who have common cultural and religious roots.

Iran PressIran news: Ebrahim Raisi said: "Ilam's railway corridor and freeways to Iraq should be completed, and this can facilitate the pilgrimage while expanding exports to Iraq."

Stressed the need to expand exports to Iraq and neighboring countries, the President also noted: "Iran's share in regional trade is very low, about two percent, and the current $20 billion in trade in our region can be achieved by the help of producers, exporters and the government. So with the completion of the infrastructure, it will easily reach 40 to 50 billion dollars."

Referring to the visa quota for the pilgrims willing to attend the Arbaeen pilgrimage by the Iraqi government, Raisi said: "The Iraqi government first accepted 30,000 pilgrims and then raised it to 60,000, and the more the Iraqi government is ready to receive the pilgrims, the more it is possible to send pilgrims, but we must respect the conditions of the host government."


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Iran, Iraq borders are the borders of friendship and mutual coop.