Tehran (IP) - If the Islamic countries acted based on the holy Quran's teachings, the Israeli regime would never dare to massacre the Palestinian people in Gaza, said Iran's President.

Iran PressIran news:  Delivering a speech at the closing ceremony of the 40th edition of the International Quran Contest on Wednesday, Ebrahim Raisi said: "If today the Islamic countries all moved in the Quran's path and if they were enemies to the oppressors and friends to friends, the Zionist regime would not dare to commit such a massacre in the oppressed but powerful Gaza."

Since October 7, the Israeli regime began to pound the Gaza Strip with bombs; so far over 29,000 people have been martyred, a large part of whom are non-civilians including women and children.

Raisi highlighted the fight against oppression and injustice as the holy Quran's teachings and said if the Islamic states implement the teachings, the US would never dare to veto several UNSC resolutions for the termination of the Israeli war on Gaza. 

The United States again vetoed on Tuesday a draft UNSC resolution on the Israeli war against Palestinians, blocking a demand for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire as it instead pushes the 15-member body to call for a temporary ceasefire linked to the release of Zionist captives held by Hamas.

President Raisi described the international Quranic contest as a forum promising the Muslim nations' convergence and collective reflection based on the Quran's teachings, which could in turn lead to the formation of the unique ummah and promote the resistance against the world's arrogant powers and oppression.   

The 40th International Quran Contest kicked off on Thursday, February 15, and wrapped up on Wednesday, February 21, with 27 of the contesters introduced as winners and received their awards.

Contesters participated in the Quranic event from Islamic Republic of Iran, Malaysia, Egypt, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Indonesia, Lebanon, India, the Netherlands, Germany, America, Tunisia, Russia, Ivory Coast, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Senegal, Syria, Iraq, Canada, Palestine, Philippines, Jordan, Pakistan, Comoros, Burundi, Libya, Afghanistan, Niger, Somalia, Bangladesh, Tanzania, Mauritania, Thailand, Tajikistan, England, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Uganda, Oman, Brunei, Gambia and New Zealand. 


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