Tehran(IP) - The senior adviser to the commander of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps Aerospace Force, Brigadier General, Ali Bilali said that the home-made "Persian Gulf" missile ousted the US from the region.

Iran Press/Iran News: The adviser to the commander of IRGC Aerospace Forces said:

" Martyr Haj Hassan Tehrani Moghadam made changes in the ground-to-ground missiles that were for fixed targets and built the "Persian Gulf" missile that is for mobile targets and we expelled the US from the region due to our defensive power."

Brigadier General, Ali Bilali said: "Being sanctioned, many did not supply us with weapons and ammunition for eight years, and we only had the 'Scud missile', but now everything has been changed.

He finally stated: We do not have any dependence on other countries for missile production, and today all of them are precision-guided, which is the result of not being afraid, trusting the youth, and having indigenous knowledge.


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