Hamas supports Syria against Israel

One of the senior officials of Palestine's Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) said the movement supports Syria in confrontation with the Israeli regime.

Iran Press/Middle East: In an interview with Al-Mayadeen TV on Thursday, Mahmoud al-Zahar said that Hamas has accepted recommendations over the unity of Palestinians and stressed that like Iran, Lebanon, and Syria, his country is the enemy of the Israeli regime. 

"What unites us is enmity with the Zionist regime, and what separates us is cooperation with the regime," al-Zahar said.

Al-Zahar announced the readiness of the Hamas movement to meet with Palestinian groups, adding that Hamas also welcomes the Palestinian-Palestinian meeting away from any risk and pressure.

After UAE and Bahrain normalized ties with the Israeli regime, the Palestinian groups reached a consensus on confronting the process. Yet, amid the talks with the Palestinian resistance groups, the Palestinian Authority (PA) announced that it would resume security relations and talks with the Israeli regime.


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