Hamas arrests Israeli intelligence cell inside Gaza

Gaza's Interior and National Security Ministry announced that security forces arrested members of a cell working in Israel's intelligence service which acting as a sabotage group that sought to launch operations against the Resistance groups in Gaza.

Iran PressMiddle East: The cell was caught while attempting to conduct an operation against members of Palestinian resistance groups.

According to the report, Gazan Security forces after receiving initial reports of suspicious activities in the past few days kicked off an investigation that led to the suspects' arrest, and discovery of technological equipment which was used to carry out operations in Gaza.

In addition, the forces confiscated funds which the cell members had received from Israel.

Initial investigations revealed that the suspects were planning attacks against members of Resistance groups after being instructed to do so by Israeli intelligence chiefs.

Gaza security forces are continuing to carry out operations in order to foil Israel's attempts and prevent its agents from successfully penetrating into the inner front.


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