Tehran (IP) - The spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the action of the French magazine and insulting the beliefs of the Iranian people said that the government's claims to protect women's rights insult the position of women.

Iran PressIran news: Nasser Kanaani in a press conference on Monday and in response to the question of Iran Press reporter about the action of the French magazine added: "We issued a statement and announced our position."

He also said: "The French ambassador was immediately summoned and we communicated our official protest."

Kanaani emphasized: "The action of the French publication was a clear example of spreading hatred and insulting the beliefs of the Muslim nation and inciting violence."

The magazine is published in a country that claims to protect the rights of others but does not adhere to international law.

He further emphasized: "The simultaneity of this action with the action of the Zionist regime in violating the sanctity of Al-Aqsa Mosque shows that the hands of the Zionists are also behind this action."

We condemn the action and we believe that it is necessary for the governments and nations of the world to react to the violation of sanctity, he concluded.


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