Gol Gav Zaban Iranian Borage calms your nerves

Tehran (IP) - Gol gov zaban is a diuretic plant and used in treating coughs and colds and also has a calming effect on the nerves. 

Iran PressIran news: Gol gav zaban (Borage) grows in the northern part of Iran and its dried purple flower is brewed the same way you brew tea leaves. 
It's believed to be a good source of antioxidants and is also good for the heart.
Gol (flower) Gav (cow) zaban (tongue) literally means cow tongue flower and it has a mild and distinct taste. It doesn't taste medicinal at all. It's an aromatic, flavorful, and soothing herbal tea. 

2 large tablespoons or a handful of gol gav zaban
2 cups water
2 small pieces of nabat (rock candy)
Juice of a lemon/lime or 1/2 teaspoon of crushed dried lime (limo Amani)

Bring water to a boil in a kettle. 
Take a handful of gol gav zaban and place it in a teapot. 
Pour in the hot water and brew for 15 minutes on low heat.  
Serve hot with rock candy or lemon juice depending on your taste.


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