Accra (IP) - The Palestinian Embassy in Ghana has generously provided food supplies to more than 300 Muslim women and children in Accra, extending support for their Ramadan observance in conjunction with International Quds Day.

Iran PressAfrica: The donation, comprising essential items such as rice, sugar, milk, tin tomatoes, spaghetti, and more, was distributed to each recipient as a heartfelt gesture of solidarity by the Palestinian Embassy.

Ambassador Abdul Fatah A. K. Alsattari expressed gratitude to the women and children who participated in the event, acknowledging their display of affection and care towards the Embassy. He highlighted the enduring bond between Palestinians and Ghana, emphasizing that despite the challenges faced in Gaza, Ghana remains a cherished second home.

In his remarks, Sheikh Arimiyawu Shaibu, representing the National Chief Imam, drew attention to the tragic loss of innocent lives in Gaza due to ongoing violence perpetuated by Israel. He underscored the urgent need for global awareness and action to address the humanitarian crisis unfolding in the region.

Blaise Tulo, the Convener of the Accra Collective of SMG, echoed the call for a ceasefire, denouncing the violence in Gaza and emphasizing the collective responsibility of citizens worldwide to advocate for peace and justice for the Palestinian people.

Notably, the ambassador had previously hosted over 150 orphans at his residence in a gesture of solidarity with the children of Gaza and Palestine, providing them with a meal as part of the Palestinian Children's Day commemoration.