Tehran (IP) - The speaker of the Iranian parliament said Iran stands for helping the people, independence, and security of Afghanistan, hoping that lasting peace would be established in Afghanistan and among all its groups.

Iran Press/Iran News: Speaking on Sunday evening in a meeting with Abdullah Abdullah, Chairman of High Council for National Reconciliation of Afghanistan, Mohammad-Bagher Ghalibaf said: “Today, the situation of Islamic countries in the Middle East is going through its most critical time. The region has always faced foreign interference, and this interference has perpetuated insecurity.”

He emphasized that the Islamic Republic of Iran has tried to form unity among Islamic countries without interfering in their affairs, noting: "Many issues of Iran and Afghanistan are intertwined and there is a deep historical and cultural connection between the two countries."

Referring to his visit to Sistan and Baluchestan province last week, he said: "We must accelerate the issue of border markets and border exchanges between the two countries and increase the number of active joint border markets because it is in the interest of the people of both countries."

Iran's parliament speaker mentioned issues related to Lake Hamun and the Helmand River and added that addressing the issues raised can help establish border security.

He concluded by emphasizing that it is natural that Americans pursue their goals and do not care about the progress and security of Islamic countries and noted: "Preserving the constitution and the government of Afghanistan and the Loya Jirga is very important and the Islamic Republic of Iran supports this issue."

Abdullah Abdullah also thanked the Islamic Republic of Iran for its support for establishing peace in Afghanistan.

Chairman of High Council for National Reconciliation of Afghanistan, emphasized that the Council has been formed on the eve of the start of talks with the Taliban, saying: "Although there are many individuals and groups within Afghanistan with different views, they are moving towards the survival of the system and achieving peace."

Abdullah Abdullah said that coordination with friendly and neighboring countries could fill the existing gaps and added: "42 years of war have imposed a heavy burden on Afghanistan and you have also suffered from it, including security issues, refugees and drug trafficking."

Chairman of High Council for National Reconciliation of Afghanistan stated that a comprehensive document on cooperation between Iran and Afghanistan is being prepared, adding that there is progress in all areas and parliamentary friendship groups of the two countries are working on it.

Abdullah Abdullah stressed that he would follow up on the issues raised by border markets and water issues on his return to Afghanistan, adding: "The joint commission of the two countries will convene soon."

In conclusion, Abdullah noted that the relations between the members of the Islamic Consultative Assembly and the Loya Jirga of Afghanistan can help advance the goals of the people of the two countries.


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