Tehran (IP)- Iranian Parliament Speaker, Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf, speaking at the international conference on "Gaza, Oppressed and Resistant" in Tehran, emphasized the significance of the global community's attention towards Palestine.

Iran Press/Iran news: He highlighted the recent condemnation of Israel by the International Court of Justice and the growing wave of support for Palestine reaching Europe from Rafah.

Ghalibaf reflected on historical perspectives, noting that the voice of Palestine has resonated for decades, echoing Imam Khomeini's teachings on the necessity of addressing the Palestinian issue and eliminating the Zionist regime. He underscored that Imam Khomeini's unwavering commitment to Palestine has kept the cause at the forefront of Iranian consciousness.

Emphasizing the enduring importance of Palestine as the primary concern of the Islamic world, Ghalibaf referenced the establishment of World Quds Day as a testament to this shared commitment. He criticized Israel's actions, stating that its lack of humanity and wisdom will ultimately lead to its decline while praising the resilience and determination of the Palestinian people and global supporters.

Ghalibaf concluded with a message of hope, highlighting the ongoing resistance movement initiated by Imam Khomeini and the growing solidarity among youth worldwide in support of Palestine.

He expressed confidence that unity and perseverance in the face of oppression will ultimately lead to victory, echoing the belief in divine support and the legacy of martyrs.


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