Tehran (IP) - Since the introduction of the Jamaran destroyer in February 2009 as Iran's first destroyer, the process of designing and producing combat ships in Iran's defense industry has grown rapidly, and in the following years and until now, new ships of this class are in various stages of construction and operation, the last of which is the Dena destroyer.

Iran PressIran News: "Dena" is the fourth type of Jamaran class destroyers, equipped with all kinds of defense and offensive systems, in addition to the ability to navigate the seas and oceans for a long time, the ability to search, detect, monitor, and, if necessary, destroy any air, surface and subsurface targets.

The flight deck with the ability to land and take off the helicopter is one of the important operational features of the Dena destroyer.

The Dena destroyer weighs about 1,300 to 1,500 tons and is about 94 meters long and 11 meters wide.

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Iran-made engine

For the first time, an Iran-made engine has been used in the Dena destroyer. In this destroyer, 4 "Bonyan 4" marine engines with 5,000 horsepower have been used for each (a total of 20,000 horsepower).

The Dena destroyer is equipped with two surface-to-air missiles and four anti-ship missiles. A 76 mm cannon, a 40 mm cannon, two 20 mm cannons, and two 533 mm "shark" torpedo launchers are other Dena weapons.

The "Asr" optimized radar is installed on this ship, the initial model of which has a range of 200 km, and the new model installed on the Dena has a range of 300 km and can cover 360 degrees around the ship.

The fire control system is one of the features of the Dena destroyer, interception of 40 targets and conflict with five targets are the capabilities of this system.

Dena destroyer, as the newest completely Iranian destroyer in terms of appearance and to some extent in the field of weapons, is similar to the Jamaran destroyer, but there are differences between these two warships. The Navy's leap from the analog to the digital age was again based on domestically built systems.
A Bow Truster system is installed in the nose of the Dena destroyer. This system includes one or more propellers in the floating nose, which increases the ship's maneuverability, especially when it separates quickly from the dock.


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