Sana'a (IP)- The Yemeni people protested in Sana'a for the fourth time in support of Palestine condemning the crimes of the Israeli regime in the Gaza Strip and declaring solidarity with the Palestinians.

Iran Press/ West Asia:  A number of Yemeni officials, youths, and children emphasized in an exclusive interview with Iran Press that Yemenis are ready to sacrifice for the sake of God to defend Palestine.In the demonstration, the Yemenis declared their readiness to fight in defense of the Palestinian land and called the opening of borders and crossings for the entry of fighters and weapons into Gaza.

Abdulla Hajar, adviser to the Yemeni government's foreign ministry in Sana'a, said that the Yemenis declare solidarity with the Palestinian people in Gaza, and the issue of Al-Quds and Al-Aqsa Mosque is the first issue of the Yemeni people and the Islamic Ummah.He stated that the US supports the crimes of the Israeli regime and Yemenis came to the field of defense of Palestine for the fourth time with enthusiasm and are ready to sacrifice and become martyrs in the way of God.

Abdullah Al-Moayed, Deputy Minister of Public Service of the Yemeni government, stated that the victory belongs to the Palestinian people and that Yemen helps the Palestinians in any way, stating that the killing of Palestinian children and women in Gaza shows that human rights have no value for the West.Taha al-Sefiani, director of the Yemeni government's prime minister's office, also said that the message of the demonstration is the victory and pride of the Palestinian people in Gaza.

The Yemeni official stated that the crossings should be reopened for aid to Gaza, and now the Palestinians want an honorable position and the Arabs stand by the cause of Palestine.A few Yemeni youths and children also expressed their solidarity with the Palestinian youths and children in Gaza and said that they are ready to sacrifice for the defense of Palestine.One of the children named al-Darwani emphasized that Yemeni children support their friend in Palestine and the Israeli regime is the common enemy of Palestine and Yemen.

Anti-Zionist sentiments have increased all over the world, especially in the West Asia region, after the Operation Al-Aqsa Storm by Hamas.Hence, demonstrations have increased in the last week in all countries of the world in support of the people of Gaza.

Because of this increase in anti-Zionist sentiments, Israel's National Security Council has warned Israelis in Egypt and Jordan to leave as soon as possible and also avoid non-essential travel to Morocco.

According to a Times of Israel report, the warning comes in light of the Israeli government detecting "significant aggravation" in protests against Israel across the world, especially in Arab countries of the West Asia.


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