Islamabad (IP)- Thousands of people in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan held a rally on Sunday called for putting an end to the genocide of Palestinians.

Iran Press/Asia: March participants were directed to assemble at Embassy Road where the venue for the speeches had been set up. A large number of people participated in the demonstration holding the Palestinian flag and chanting the slogans of Labek Ya Aqsa.

Addressing the protesters, Senator Mushtaq Ahmed said that I pay tribute to the patience of the men, women, old people and children of Gaza, the world has come to know that the victory belongs to them. He said that the people of Pakistan will not accept any ban on Palestine and American slavery will be rejected so we will boycott American and Israeli products.

Addressing the participants on this occasion, Mian Aslam said that half of Gaza has reached heaven and half is waiting for the aid from the world, the whole world is bathing Gaza with blood, missiles are raining in Gaza, Europe and the United States continue to support Israel while seventy percent of Gaza has been destroyed.

Amir Siraj-ul-Haq the head of Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan also spoke on this occasion and emphasized the need to take immediate and effective measures regarding Palestine, while also criticizing his government regarding Gaza.

He said that 7.6 million Muslim army and Muslim countries are silent, Palestinians need arms while they are being sent aspirin and biscuits, economic accounting of Palestinians was done and all this set by America because America is the name of the enemy of humanity. In his address, he demanded Pakistan Army to support people of Gaza.

People of all ages and all walks of life, especially women, participated in the Gaza March in large numbers. On this occasion, it was also announced to take out a million march on 27 Ramadan to raise the voice of the oppressed Palestinians.


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