Sana'a (IP) - Hundreds of Yemenis gathered in front of the US embassy in Sana'a on the anniversary of the withdrawal of American forces from Yemen's capital.

Iran PressMiddle East: Khaled Al-Madani, a senior member of Yemen's Ansarullah movement, told IranPress that Yemenis, especially the residents of the area where the American embassy is located, have come to the streets.

Al-Madani added that Yemenis today enjoy honor, dignity, freedom, and independence and celebrate their freedom and the withdrawal of American forces. On this day, the American forces fled from Sana'a.

Majed al-Sharif, a Yemeni cultural activist, also told the Iran Press reporter on the ground, on February 11, 2015, the Americans left the capital of Yemen humiliated and defeated.

Al-Sharif added: "We tell America that we will not leave you alone untill Yemen is cleansed of you."


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