Rasht (IP) - Hijab and chastity gathering was held in the city of Rasht capital of Gilan province.

Iran PressIran News: The gathering was held with the attendance of men and women of Rasht City on Saturday.

At the gathering, the women announced their protests against non-hijab women with banners in their hands.

One of the women in the gathering recited a speech supporting hijab, and then the girls sang a song. 

At the end of the gathering, Mrs. Amanipour, one of the attendees, read the final statement on behalf of Gilani's mothers about chastity and hijab.

In the statement, she demanded that the officials not retreat from their principles.

She pointed to the position of hijab and chastity in the law and the views of the leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Khamenei, and Imam Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Revolution, complaining about the state of clothing of some people.

In the statement, she described the non-binding nature of the relevant laws as one of the reasons for not observing the hijab by some girls and women.She urged the authorities to accompany the demands of Gilani women.