Tehran (IP) - A French Lawyer said the International Court of Justices has accepted the documents about the Israeli genocide in Gaza, despite media smear campaigns.

Iran Press/Iran News: French lawyer, Gilles Devers said: "I had four meetings with the [Hague's] Prosecutor about the genocide in Gaza, and I got the documents from Hamas, and despite what some media say, ICJ has accepted these documents".

He made the comments at the international conference of support for Palestine held on Tuesday in Tehran.  

A group of international lawyers sent a 2,000-page lawsuit against the Israeli regime to the International Court of Justice on November 9th, which they said has made good legal and judicial progress.

Devers said: "I was a nurse before being a lawyer, and as a nurse, I am familiar with the pain of the [Palestinian] people."

Despite the propaganda, the resistance groups have had a positive opinion about using the international legal mechanism, he added. Ziyad Patel, a lawyer from South Africa, said in the meeting that he has been collecting documents since the beginning of the war in Gaza.

Ziyad stressed: "We should all express our solidarity with the imprisoned Palestinian children because they are deprived of their basic rights."

Still, stressing support for Palestine, the South African lawyer said: "Since 2022, we (South Africa) have always declared our support for Palestine and filed a complaint in the International Court of Justice in this regard."

The right to resistance and the right to self-determination are two very important issues that the Palestinian people strive for, he recalled.

"We raised these two issues in the International Court of Justice and other countries joined us,".

The Israeli regime has never been recognized as a criminal since 2008, and this has caused the regime to continue its crimes, he said.  219

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