Tehran (IP) - Chairman of the Board of the International Association of Muslim University Professors said freedom of speech in the West depends on power.

Iran Press/Iran News: In the meeting of the International Assembly of Muslims University Professors, Abdol Hossein Khosrowpanah said: "In the West, we are faced with relative rationality, which considers power as a principle, and anything that is contrary to the power of the West is contrary to freedom of speech”.

Khosrowpanah stated that the reason for the anti-Islamism of the West is relative rationality and a tool designed to colonize others; This rationality, he added, does not accept Islam, neither Christianity nor any other religion.

Referring to recent films made in the Western media about Islam, he noted that one of the goals of the Western media is to create a false image of Islam and Muslims in the world.

Divine rationality must be used to fight the relative rationality of the Western countries, and in the fight against the propaganda of the Western media against Islam, and the media of the Muslim countries must show the true Islam to the world, he stressed.

He said that anti-Islamist actions, such as the French president's remarks, make truth-seekers move to seek the truth.

Khosrowpanah concluded, "We must fight anti-Islam with the unity of insight and brotherhood and introduce the real Islam to the world."

Also, in the meeting, vice-Chairman of the International Board of Muslim Professors of Universities, Mohammad Baqir Khorramshad said that French media must refrain from imposing their values on others, return to moderation, and respect the religious values of others to prevent further violence in France.

He asserted that if the French authorities continue their anti-Islamic actions, they will not have a bright future. 215/104

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