France (IP) - The Iranian artist Bashi Biazar who was illegally detained by the French government was freed on Wednesday.

Iran Press/Iran news: The Head of Public Relations for the Iranian President's Office reported on his X account that Biazar is on his way to Iran. 

More than a month has passed since the arrest of Bashir Biazar, an acclaimed Iranian musician and filmmaker, in France over charges widely described as politically motivated.

A detailed examination of the charges and Biazar’s social media activities, especially in recent months, makes it clear that the case against him is not based on merit but is politically motivated.

According to Biazar was accused of “Iranian propaganda,” “anti-Zionism and anti-Americanism,” “hateful social media posts,” being a “vector of hatred,” and posing a “threat to public order in France.”

Human rights activists, officials, and Biazar’s family and friends categorically rejected the charges as baseless and driven by the French government’s political agenda against the Islamic Republic.

Born and raised in the Islamic Republic of Iran, Biazar is a noted independent music composer and filmmaker whose works have been critically acclaimed internationally.

He has previously served as managing director of the New Horizon Institute of Arts and Culture and was the secretary of the London-based Islamic Student Association. 204

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