Tehran (IP) - The Iranian Ministry of Defence and Armed Forces Logistics has successfully averted a complex industrial sabotage operation aimed at disrupting the production of advanced missiles within the country's missile industries. The thwarted scheme involved a meticulous network collaborating with infiltrators to introduce faulty components into the production process, a venture orchestrated by the Zionist spy agency, Mossad.

Iran PressIran News: A high-ranking official from the Security Department of the Ministry of Defense shared details with Nour News, shedding light on the significance of Iran's missile prowess in deterring potential adversaries. Given the strategic importance of this sector, it has consistently been a prime target for espionage services seeking to undermine the nation's defense capabilities.

Undoubtedly, Iran's commitment to self-sufficiency in missile design and production across various ranges has prompted the development of intricate security measures. These multi-layered projects are skillfully disguised as procurement activities, designed to outfox enemy operatives and safeguard national interests.

The security official underscored how Iran's missile industry serves as both a bulwark of military power and a means of ensnaring complex espionage networks. In the latest episode, a highly professional network with the backing of Mossad attempted to manipulate the missile production cycle. Their objective was to transform rockets into explosive instruments, poised to wreak havoc on industrial infrastructure and personnel.

However, with a blend of vigilance, divine grace, and the relentless efforts of the Security Department, the Zionist plot was identified and thwarted. The official revealed that the operation had been under careful intelligence scrutiny from its inception, leading to the complete neutralization of its key players.

This success was not just a victory against the immediate threat; it uncovered the extensive network that Mossad had painstakingly established for the procurement and transfer of these malevolent components. By dismantling this intricate web, Iran has not only protected its missile industry but also dealt a blow to the very heart of the enemy's intelligence system.

The complexity and technical dimensions of this subterfuge highlight the extensive planning behind the scheme. The Zionist enemy, up until recently, was confident in the success of their act of industrial sabotage. Yet, the recent revelation and subsequent dismantling of the network have left them reeling, revealing the depth of their defeat.


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