The Qadr night ceremony of the 19th of the holy month of Ramadan was held in Sarajevo with the presence of a group of people from Bosnia and Herzegovina, lovers of Ahl al-Bayt (AS) and Iranians living in this country.

Iran Press/ Europe: The first ceremony of the Night of Qadr in the holy month of Ramadan was held in Sarajevo with the efforts of the Mullah Sadra Foundation. In this ceremony, people observed the first night of Qadr by prayer and recitation of the Quran.

In the Quran and hadiths, the Night of Qadr is said to be the most virtuous night of the year and the night of divine mercy and the forgiveness of sins, when angels descend on the Earth. According to some Shiite hadiths, the angels present people's predestination for the coming year to the Imam.

Morphologically, the word 'Qadr' means measurement, and Muslims believe their destinies would be determined this night. However, another meaning of the word includes the real sense of existence, the characteristics of each creature, and how it was created. Or putting it another way, 'Qadr' means the limit of creation and the perimeter of creation of every creature and object. 

The 19th, 21st, and 23rd nights of the holy month of Ramadan are the Nights of Qadr, and people from all over Islamic Iran are widely present in the revival of the Nights of Qadr. 219

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